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UNKNOWN series - Chapter 1: Reborned

2011-04-08 20:21:22 by oOREOz

Here I lie, in a dark creeping of a small capsule, there's no lights, no room, it's some sort of coffin I guess. There doesn't seem to be a opening, I'm in one hell of a situation, but enough of that. My serious problem is, who am I? Where am I? What am I? Why am I here? I guess I need to find out, but to do that, I'll need to get out of this coffin.
I checked and emptied out my pockets, I found a lighter, a wallet, and a phone. Maybe I can call someone, wait.... a wallet! Maybe I find out who I am! I opened it, looked inside, and found an ID card, let's see....

Name: Matthew Core
Date of birth: 01/01/94
address: 13 charlie road
Age: 16

So... I'm Matthew Core?, the picture of me maybe is me, I'll find out later if it is me. I'm 16? So, that means it's 2010. Alright I have some clues of who I might be. I used my cellphone to call someone named Dante. Let's See if he can help me.
Ring Ring Ring...heh.
???: Hello?
Me: hello?! Dante?
Dante: yeah! Matthew?! you sound like your worried, is everything alright?
Me:(so i am Matthew) No!, I'm stuck in some coffin!, I think I've been burried alive!
Dante: My god!, alright dude, I'm coming to dig in all sorts of coffins! Call me when you need help! Don't worry buddy, I'm going to get help from everyone to get you out of there.
Me: All right... hurry.....please.
-End of call-
Okay....let's see if i get rescued before i die from lack of oxygen.
-End of Chapter 1-

UNKNOWN series - Chapter 1: Reborned


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